What is One Kind Word?

One Kind Word is an interactive, in-person training that is brief but mighty! You can attend as an interested individual, with an organization or club, or with your place of employment.

A trainer will guide you through meaningful discussion and useful actions meant to connect us as caring human beings.

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Who is One Kind Word for?

Have you ever been in a public place like a store, doctor’s office, an amusement park or even your workplace and witnessed a parent who is overwhelmed, frustrated, or distracted and a child is unsafe?

Did you feel like you wanted to do something to help but wasn’t sure if you should and if so, WHAT? 

If you answered “yes” then One Kind Word is right for you!

About One Kind Word training

Where we see conflict

One Kind Word - Powered by Family Resources - Pittsburgh, PA

Businesses & Public Places

“As a CEO of a large corporation I’ve been out on the floor or in our offices and I’ve seen potentially dangerous situations with a distracted parent and child. My employees couldn’t or didn’t intervene.”

One Kind Word - Powered by Family Resources - Pittsburgh, PA

Events & Gatherings

“As a Church, PTA, or other community group member, we love all of the community events and gatherings we plan on a regular basis. But it never fails that we have a situation where a parent and child have a conflict.”

One Kind Word - Powered by Family Resources - Pittsburgh, PA

Schools & Daycares

“As a public school Principal or Daycare Director, we have so many issues with parent/child conflicts in our school office and drop-off/pick-up lines every single day. Our teachers and office staff aren’t able to diffuse these situations and keep things running smoothly.”